Emily Finta November Goals

I’m getting super excited about what is going to happen with my blog in 2016. I decided to start making the transition from calling them blog goals to calling them business goals. I wouldn’t call this space a business yet, but I’m working as hard as possible to make it into a business.

Octobers Goals


GIVEAWAY WINNER DESIGNS – IN PROGRESS – I’ve been talking with each of them and I should be starting on the designs this week! You should see the finished products on my blog when they are all finished.
WRITE CONTENT MORE IN ADVANCE – FAIL – I got super focused on applying to jobs and it got hard to keep up with my blog on top of that. I think I’m finally back into the groove so I’ll have more time to finish my posts.
BRAINSTORM GUEST POST IDEAS – FAIL – I didn’t do any brainstorming yet, but it’s still at the top of my list.
BE MORE PRESENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA – DONE – All thanks to the help of Raewyn this week who has been helping me out with my social media so that I can focus on writing blog posts! She’s helping me promote my content as well as sharing posts from other bloggers! It’s still up to me to reply to tweets & interact, though!


EXERCISE EVERY OTHER DAY & DRINK LESS POP DR. PEPPER – FAIL – I have been exercising a little here and there but I haven’t been drinking less pop at all! I’m going to start limiting myself to one pop a day and then slowly make it less and less.
KEEP APPLYING TO NEW PLACES – IN PROGRESS – I’ve been applying to a ton of different places lately and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. There’s one job in particular that I’m hoping to at least get an interview for if nothing else.
LIMIT SPENDING AGAIN – SOMEWHAT DONE – I haven’t been doing too bad and have been limiting online shopping, but I’ve also been going out to lunch instead of bringing something from home. I’m still going to keep this up until I get a job.

November Goals

Blog/Business Goals

START DOING MORE COLLABS – One of my favorite things about blogging is all the connections I’ve made with people all over the world. This month I want to start doing more collaborations whether it’s just on a post or something bigger.

REVAMP MY SITE – I’ve been wanting  to make some changes to my blog. It’s not going to be anything huge, but there are just a few tweaks to make my site look better and make it a little easier to use.

MASTER MY MARKET – I decided to sign up for Maya’s new Master Your Market course and I’m super excited to dig in! I can already tell this course is going to be super helpful and I want to make sure I can work through it alongside everyone else! I did purchase this before I made limit spending my goal in October!


KEEP UP WITH LAST MONTHS LIFE GOALS – All 3 of these goals are super important and all things I need to keep up with! I’m not going to include any other life goals, so that I can focus on each of them!


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