Emily Finta - October Blog & Life Goals

Last month I actually completed all of my blog goals for once! I’ve been working super hard on my blog lately and I’m getting super excited with where it’s going to end up! This month I decided to split my goals up with both blog & life goals, because that’s what the cool kids are doing I usually end up focusing more on my blog instead of working on things in my life that I want to get done.

September Goals

FINISH MY TERMS OF SERVICE & PRIVACY POLICY – DONE – I finished both these pages a couple days after I posted my goals.
WORK ON MY CLIENT PROCESS – DONE – I’m working on finishing up my short welcome booklet to basically let my clients know what steps they need to take next and what each step means.
SKYPE WITH A BLOGGER – DONE – I Skyped with Allison from Painted Summers and it was so much fun. I always get super nervous but once I get there, I was fine.
LAUNCH MY NEWSLETTER  – DONE – I officially launched my newsletter on the day I planned & the giveaway just ended on Friday! I also just sent out the first email yesterday morning.
START EXERCISING MORE – FAIL – I was doing so good with this until the weekend I got sick and since then, I haven’t exercised once.

This Months’ Goals


GIVEAWAY WINNER DESIGNS – I announced the winners in my newsletter yesterday and let them know they won. I’m super excited to get started because it’s been way too long since I’ve worked on a design project out of work. I’ve missed it so much! I would love to be able to finish both of them before the end of October.
WRITE CONTENT MORE IN ADVANCE – Most days, I’m either writing all my posts on Sunday or I write them the night before they go live. Since I’m working all day, my photos don’t always turn out the best without natural lighting. It can also be stressful if I know I need to get to sleep, but I still have to write my whole blog post.
BRAINSTORM GUEST POST IDEAS – I’m working super hard to grow this blog and make the transition into making this space more of a business. I’ve been investing a lot (probably way too much) and I know I need to do more guest posts to start growing. I used to always join giveaways to grow my blog, even though it wasn’t really gaining readership just more numbers. For me, I’d rather focus on making relationships with everyone that reads my blog (instead of growing numbers) and guest posts are a great way to find people that are in the same place as I am.
BE MORE PRESENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA – This one is super broad, but last month I started scheduling out my posts on Twitter and I also started sharing blog posts from bloggers that I love. I really need to start scheduling them on other platforms as well as more than just on the days I post. Pinterest & Instagram are both platforms I’ve been neglecting for the longest time. I go on both of them consistently, but I rarely post. I even took a bunch of photos on my phone from my trip to North Carolina (in August) that I planned on posting but it still hasn’t happened. I haven’t ever pinned one of my posts to Pinterest either and I know it’s where most traffic comes from on other blogs.


EXERCISE EVERY OTHER DAY & DRINK LESS POP DR. PEPPER – This is something I definitely need to keep up with! I also need to cut back on my pop intake because I know I drink way too much!
KEEP APPLYING TO NEW PLACES – I’ve probably applied to 20 different places so far and I haven’t heard back from any of them yet. I’m just going to keep applying and improving my portfolio until I find a job!
LIMIT SPENDING AGAIN – I’ve been really good with staying away from online shopping lately, but I’ve been investing a lot into my blog lately. I feel like I’ve made enough investments for my blog for the rest of the year (or at least until I move & get all settled into wherever I end up!


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