Have you ever planned on getting back into blogging and then you realize it’s been 2 months since you last posted and claimed you were coming back? Or is that just me? This time, I promise it’s happening and to kick it all off I’m sharing my October goals. I’ve decided to stick to one goal for each category: blog, business & life because I’ve made the habit of making too many goals and then being disappointed when I didn’t complete all of them.

goals-blog Blog

Post 4 Times in October

If you’re reading this, it means that I’ve got one down! Just by writing this post I am already 1/4 of the way to completing this goal! It’s kinda like writing down a task just so you can check it off because you completed it earlier that day. It makes you feel a lot more accomplished and motivated to keep going and knock everything else out. I’ve had quite a few helpful design posts in my mind for a while and it’s time to actually start writing them so that I can help you create all your content upgrades and such. I’m going to stick to posting every Wednesday at 1am Eastern Time for a while to work myself back into blogging and then hopefully start posting a little more frequently at some point.

goals-business Business

Post More Frequently in Facebook Groups

One of my blog friends, Allie, started posting in FB groups frequently and created a schedule to post, which inspired me to do the same. Even if I just post an introduction or re-introduction, I think it will be a great way to meet a few people and make more connections with other business owners. Plus, posting about myself and sharing tips with help me feel more positive about myself and confident as a designer, which is part of my October goals in the life category.

goals-life Life

Start Practicing Self Love More

My favorite blog friend, VA and self-love expert, Raewyn, made me realize how important it is to make sure that I am taking better care of myself. I’ve had quite a few things happen that have made me wonder if I’d made a mistake moving to Knoxville and getting so down on myself for something that I couldn’t control. Most of the issues lately have been all thanks to my car. If you ever have the chance to buy a Rendezvous, run away!

I wouldn’t say that I’m a negative person, but I know that my thoughts aren’t always positive. Every time something little would happen I automatically think it’s a sign that it was a mistake when I should just be a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. I’ve also been putting a ton of negative thoughts towards writing posts for my blog, which is another reason that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve told myself so many times that I hate writing, but I’ve actually just been distracted by trying to do too many things at once so I never actually wrote anything. Once I sit down and start writing a post, I actually enjoy it.

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