I just moved back to my hometown of Portland, OR after three years in NYC and love to blog about things I find interesting, especially restaurants and tons of local stuff that has jumped up since I moved away and back! Come read about me-a happy duck swimming among the raindrops!

 Right now I am inspired by people who overcome diversity and work towards their goals.

 I usually roll out of bed around 7, take a shower, drive to work-lately listening to audio books, I work at a non-profit and LOVE that! Evenings it depends, I take care of my grandmother a lot or just chill and watch TV.

 I am a huge reader! I also love exploring.

I love going to the Oregon Coast. It’s beautiful, there are places to walk, it’s never too hot in the summer and I love the sense of relaxation and peacefulness I feel looking at the waves.

The Americans
I would love to travel more! I’d also like to become fluent in Italian, my mother’s first language.

I’ve been collecting rubber ducks since high school!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Rachel as much as I did! 

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