One thing I’m still getting used to not that I have a Monday thru Friday job, is keeping up with my blog when I come home. When I was in school, I went to class everyday, minus Friday, but I would have breaks between where I could blog. 
A Little About my Job::
– I work Mon-Fri from 10-5 
– What I do: Cut vinyl, some designing, printing
– It’s super tiny, there are only 4 other people that work there
– It’s 10 minutes from home
– I plan on working there for about a year and hopefully moving to New York for a while
– It’s definitely not my dream job but it’s been amazing working in my degree and learning a bunch of  
  new things.
One of the main reasons I have been struggling with my blog schedule is because once I eat dinner I just want to relax. I basically just need to break this habit that started during college. I also need to work on getting up earlier since I don’t work until 10. Unfortunately I’m still thinking like a college student and don’t want to get up earlier than I have to, it doesn’t help that I stay up later than I should.

The blog schedule I made for the year has been super helpful. If you missed the post check it out here and print it out for yourself! If you check out the printable and think of any other pages that might help stay more organized let me know!

I’m planning on having 3 posts a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I’m also slowly tweaking my design, adding details that will improve the design. My goal is to tweak 5 things today, do you notice any of them? What are your ways/tips to keep with a blog schedule?

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