Emily Finta - Plans for 2016

It still seems super crazy to me that it’s already 2016! I feel like 2015 flew by for so many people. I decided that my word for 2016 was going to be CHANGE because there are so many things that I want to make happen this year. This year, I wanted to share my plans for 2015 instead of goals or resolutions, even though they are basically the same thing. Each of them are super important for me and I want to make sure they happen. I’ve also been breaking my goals down into smaller things to make them more possible and less overwhelming. Here are my plans for 2016!

1. Find a Job and Move Out

I’m hoping to complete this one sometime around the end of February. This was the one goal that I’d really hoped would happen before the end of 2015, but unfortunately, it didn’t work that way. I’m going to continue working hard on this one and I’ll start sending packets in the mail to companies if that’s what it takes to make me stand out.

2. Make a Plan for my Business

I started working on this one over the weekend, but I’d like to come up with something a little more organized and laid out so that I can see what needs to happen and when. I feel like I’ve already planned out so much more than I’ve usually done. The biggest thing for me would be planning all my posts out more in advance so I can get them done quicker.

3. Start Releasing Products

I have a couple ideas for things that I’d like to release and I’d love to have some of them come out in the next couple of months. I still need to brainstorm a little more and figure out exactly what I’ll sell and how I’ll do it.

4. Meet One of My Blog Friends in Real Life

There are quite a few bloggers that I’ve been talking to forever and I’d love to take a trip to visit one of them even if it’s just for a weekend. Maybe I’ll even end up in a bigger city that has a few bloggers and meet one that way.

5. Travel to Four Different Places

After I studied abroad in Italy, I’ve been dying to travel to as many places as possible. Since then, I really haven’t gone anywhere besides our usual vacation destinations. These four places might not be anywhere near as exciting as Italy, but I’d love to just visit new states in the US.

6. Work Past My Fear of Making Video Content

With my social anxiety, it’s always seemed super scary to create video content. I know it’s not necessarily a necessity for an online business, but I feel like creating more video content will help boost my confidence both online and offline. I won’t be starting off huge with a webinar, but instead, I plan on starting off by sending SnapChat videos to my blog friends and private Periscopes until I start feeling a little more comfortable and slowly work my way up.

7. Make New Friends in the City I End up In

Once you turn into an adult, it gets super difficult to make friends. The small town I live in doesn’t have many places to go to meet new people. I’m hoping a new city will help make it a little easier. I’ll be searching Meetup.com for groups that are relevant to me and even seeing if there are any bloggers or creative in the area.

8. Get Six Clients by March

Last, but certainly the most important goal for me, is to work towards getting design clients. The first step to make this more possible is to build my portfolio, which is one of my goals for January. If I want to call this a business, I’ll need to start making money from it, instead of just putting money into this space and getting clients will be a huge part of that.


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