This blog post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Dorm. Although all the items shared are things I would have had in my dorm if I wouldn’t have been a poor college student without a job.
Here are some of my favorite things I found on their website, I’m absolutely in love with their Emily & Meritt collection. I’m pretty sure half of my picks in this post are from the collection. I planned on doing an artsy type theme but when I saw this collection it changed. Maybe it’s more of a glam artist?

                                                        1:: Metallic Dottie Bed Set 
                                                        2:: Tree Trunk Side Table
                                                        3:: Beauty Mirror
                                                        4:: Birdcage Candle Holders

I tried to stay away from things that I knew wouldn’t work in a dorm, wall decorations, big furniture, etc., since I did live in a dorm for four years in college. 

                                                        5:: Sequin Pillow Covers
                                                        6:: Keep It Light Lamps
                                                        7:: Wire Scallop Desk Set
                                                        8:: Mirrors Pillow Covers

What style would you consider my dorm do-over to be? Which items from their PB Dorm would you choose?
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