I love finding new fonts, so of course thing I do is figure out what font I want to use for my blog/shop. I plan on making them match/coordinate with each other. I don’t want them to be exactly the same but if you see both sites you know it’s the same person. Does that make sense at all? Probably not! 
Let me know which one is your favorite! Also one thing I have been contemplating is whether or not I should change my blog name. Have any of you changed your blog name before? Were you glad you did? I just can’t decide plus I’m not creative when it comes to naming things. Designs by Emily F was the most creative name I could come up with. And being that I’m a graphic designer and my name is Emily it isn’t really that creative!
I also decided on my color palette, thanks to a lot of you! Here it is:
I really like the colors a lot!
I also plan on doing some sketches for my design and adding them into this post! So if you are reading this right now make sure you call me a procrastinator! I am a professional in procrastinating so it is pretty likely.
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