I’m so excited to have my shop open! I still want to add some graphic design items eventually and some mugs using the ceramic markers but I wanted the prints to be the main thing! All the money I earn will either go towards more supplies (mugs, paint, paper) or my study abroad trip to Italy.
Here’s an example of the prints you can get!
I have them available as actual prints that will be mailed to you and as printables (which you can get in any color imaginable! lol)
My goal is to get one sale by next Tuesday when the Resolutions in Motion is finished! Help me make that happen? If you can’t afford it I completely understand! Trust me, I am broke! I’d just appreciate if you spread the word about the shop! 
I’ll also be sharing a more in depth post on my struggles with getting my shop open in 6 weeks! I made a very detailed schedule and fell behind but I was able to do it! 😀
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