I have always loved going on Etsy and all of the other shop websites and wishing/wanting to make one of my own. I’ve decided to make my resolution to be to finally open a shop! Since I now don’t have a job and I’ll be going to Italy for a month in May, I need something to help me make money to pay for the trip. All the money I earn will go towards more supplies and the trip. I decided I’m going to use Storenvy just because you don’t have to pay for your items and you can customize the shop a lot more than you can with Etsy.
The Goal :: Deadline
Come up with Color Scheme :: Friday, January 11th             
    Design my Layout :: Friday, January 18th
    Make the Products :: Friday, January 25th
Photograph/Scan Products :: Friday, January 25th        
 Decide on the Prices :: Friday, January 25th
              Open the Shop :: Tuesday, February 5th 
Make Buttons & Advertise :: Tuesday, February 5th      
                Sell First Item :: Tuesday, February 19th
There will be more sub-goals(? lol) other than the ones I’ve listed and the deadlines will probably change. I want to have the shop open before the follow-up post and have sold the first item before the post goes up!
I’m really excited to be a part of the Resolutions in Motion because I know it would take me a lot longer to open the shop without the motivation from the link up.
They are also doing a link-up every Tuesday until the last day so you will probably be seeing some updates and possibly some advice/opinions on the shop design! 🙂
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