So I finally did some sketches! This one is for my blog but I figured I would make them
kind of similar. Make sure you let me know what you think. I drew what I was thinking and then scanned it onto my computer and threw it into photoshop and add some color and the font. The buttons and title will be the same font for the final design, don’t worry! It still needs a lot of work and I want to add some kind of textures into it somehow. Also, I’m not sure if I like the blue anymore! I really love the purple and green. Maybe just use the 2 colors? What do you think?
Here are the original sketches, as you can tell I already changed my mind on a few things! I drew these in class instead of listening to the lecture… lol. I also made a schedule that includes blogging and exercising in it! Also done in class. 
Then after I got back from class I colored it with markers. The blank purple rectangles are for my half hour of exercising. I’ve been having a very productive blog day, as for school not so much. I didn’t have anything due today so it’s not like I’ll be behind. 
I also decided I’m going to try and start exercising everyday. I was reading blogs and stumbled upon a post on Heart Shaped Sweat about rewarding yourself after working out! So I decided if I workout everyday in February, I’m going to reward myself with a pair of Lauren Conrad pants! I’ve mostly been working on my legs so I figured what better way than to get a pair of my favorite jeans!
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