Yesterday I spent 12 hours in a car like I did last Friday. I spent a week at my grandma’s house (or Nana as we call her!) in North Carolina with my uncle & cousin. My Aunt, uncle & two other cousins also came to visit for the weekend. We spent a lot of time playing games, it’s something we’ve always done as a family. Some of our favorites are Phase 10, Five Crowns, Take, Play Nine & Cards Against Humanity. Our Nana even played Cards Against Humanity with us. Would you feel awkward playing it with your family/grandma? Other than playing games, we went on a few hikes and enjoyed the warm weather. 

During the ride home, I read more of the Blog Inc. book. It’s been super amazing so far, I can’t wait to hear all the other blogging advice. I also played some Candy Crush, Subway Surfers and sent a lot of random SnapChats (add me if you want, eafinta). I honestly never fell asleep the whole ride. I tried for the first couple hours but then gave up. I also did some design type things on my computer until the battery was at 6%. 

All the hiking helped me get minutes in for the #1800MinuteChallenge. I even got 120 minutes in one day. The 2 pictures above were from that hike. They definitely made me realize how out of shape I am and how thankful I am that this project came out. It’s definitely helping me stay motivated.

Today I’ve just been relaxing all day, mainly just catching up on How I Met Your Mother (I still haven’t watched the finale) & Bones and attempting to organize my room. I also participated in a Blogger PJ Party which was so much fun and organized by Pam from Hodge Podge Moments. I met so many new bloggers that I’ll hopefully get to know more.

I’ve also started working on a 101 in 1,001, I’m currently on 43 so you’ll be seeing that post as soon as I finish it! I hope these random posts aren’t too boring for you! I’ll be going back to work and getting back into a schedule this week. I really wish I could still be on vacation but I’m excited to be blogging again! I definitely have a lot of emails to go through.

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