I got an email from Danielle last week about this link up and I absolutely love the idea! I found her blog around the time I started blogging and it’s been so awesome getting to know her and seeing how much her blog has grown. Plus she always has the best ideas when it come to link-ups! When I start packing for my trip to Italy this will definitely help me a lot. Especially if I can find outfits with more than one of the pieces. I picked all tops because I don’t really have any bottoms that don’t get enough wear and no skirts! :/ I’m hoping this will help fill my need for new clothes since I wont be shopping for them anytime soon!
1:: LC Lauren Conrad Tuxedo Blazer – I love this blazer but I’ve always wondered what I should actually wear with it.
2:: Mudd Moto Vest – I got this for Christmas and I’ve never worn it before…. it still has the tags on it. (Link is similar but not exact)
3:: Old Navy Red T-Shirt -I’ve worn this a lot but whenever I do I never wear it with anything unless its super cold I throw a random cardigan over it without much thought.
4:: Mossimo Chambray Shirt – wore this a few times but I want to be able to wear it more… have you been on pinterest and saw all of the outfits with these? I should definitely get more wear out of it.
5:: Mossimo Lace Dress – absolutely love love love this dress, turquoise is my favorite color and I want to try and wear this different ways while it’s still warming up. Possibly tights?
6:: Olsenboyle Stripe Lace-Back Cardigan – This cardigan is so cute but I haven’t found anything that I thought looked good with it.
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