Hey everyone,
This week has been super crazy! I’ve decided I’m not going to blog this week. I’ll be back to a normal schedule next week and I will start planning blogs for when I have super busy days so I can just post them quickly! As much as I would love to blog this week, school is more important. 🙂 
Before I get back to working on some art projects, I’ll tell you a very quick creepy story! After class one day I was walking back from class and as I got close to my dorm building (They are like apartments with 4 different dorm rooms in them) and as I walked by one of the dorms with a sliding door I see some guy peek out and then disappear. Then he pops back out with a camera in his hand and I’m pretty sure he took a picture of me. I just wanted to share that story with all of you because I was really creeped out by it and I wanted to see what you thought of it.
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