I had really wanted to see Landon Austin in concert ever since I first found his YouTube channel. He was finally going to be in Michigan so I bought tickets thinking my sisters could probably go with me. They all ended up being busy & I really didn’t want to miss it so I decided to go by myself. I’d been trying to step out of my comfort zone & this would definitely push it. 
Everything was going great until I had to go to the bathroom. It was in a small church stage area and there were no signs anywhere. There were these guys sitting at a table & I worked up the courage to go ask them where it was thinking they worked there or were helping out. Then I noticed they had cd’s on the table… The one guy just started laughing like it was the funniest thing someone could have asked him. First of all, no one in the room was there to see you perform. Second, how was it funny that I couldn’t find the bathroom? 
I know it normally wouldn’t be a big deal but for someone by herself that’s already regretting coming by herself while watching everyone else talking to each other having fun before the show started it was. I just tried not to think about it and had a lot of fun once the show started. Having it in the back of my mind as they started performing. 

Even looking at this picture gives me anxiety thinking about everything.

Then after the show I got the chance to meet Landon Austin & of course guess who took my picture? I just felt like I could feel him laughing and making fun of me even though he wasn’t saying anything. 
The day after the show I laid in bed just thinking about the night before & crying my eyes out. I just felt like this guy had somehow made Landon feel like I was this huge awkward loser. I stayed in bed and watched Netflix for a while not wanting to do anything. Finally I started realizing that I’m sure that most of this was probably all in my head. I’m sure he wasn’t sending vibes to Landon plus he probably wouldn’t even remember meeting me having met so many other people during his whole tour. I still think the guy was a complete jerk, I mean he could have gained a new fan that day his music was pretty good. Instead it just made me not want to support him.
Next time you catch yourself laughing at someone for something you think is stupid or silly try to think what their story might be. This happened about a year ago and I still remember the bad things that happened over the awesome things. I’m so proud that I actually went out and did something on my own but sometimes I wonder if I still would have gone knowing what was going to happen. One thing I learned is that when you push yourself there are always going to be good & bad things that happen. All I know is I would have regretted not going more than I do for going and trying to push myself. 
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