Emily Finta Social Anxiety & The Weird Things I Worry About

I’ve been trying to figure out what to post about all night and I started going through my drafts and realised I had a bunch of social anxiety posts which I haven’t talked about in a while. Instead of going with on of those topics, I decided to do something a little more fun all about weird things that give me anxiety. Some of these are often occurrences and others are super out there!

Stressing About Emailing a New Blogger

Whenever I email a blogger about something, I always worry about what they think of me. I’m sure they’re really just thinking about how they got another email. It’s especially nerve-racking when it’s something I’m really excited about and I want to get that blogger involved somehow.

When a Celebrity Tweets Everyone but Me, I’m on Some Creeper List.

I don’t know why I ever had this thought but I would tweet the cast of Psych so many times and they’d respond to a bunch of other fans, but I never got tweeted back. For some reason, my brain decided that there was some type of creeper list that every celebrity got and I ended up on it for some reason.

Going Thru a Drive Thru

You would think that as a person with social anxiety, I would prefer a drive though instead of going inside but something about the drive thru just freaks me out. I’ve never really figured out why but I would definitely rather just give my order to an actual person.

Going to the Bathroom at Someones House

Something about getting up and going to the bathroom when I’m hanging out with someone make me nervous. I usually just end up holding it until I get home. I guess I’m worried about if I’m not supposed to use a certain bathroom or something like that, who knows.

Calling Someone on the Phone

This one is definitely pretty normal, even with some people without social anxiety. If I’m calling to make some kind of appointment, I always go over exactly what I’m going to say. I’m usually somewhat okay with answering the phone because they called and I know they want something and will do the most talking.

Having Someone Read/Answer My Question in a Webinar/Periscope

I don’t actually get nervous from this one, but I always feel embarrassed. I’m worried they might think my question is stupid and judge me. It’s never actually the case and they are always super nice and helpful.

Following Celebrities on Twitter

This happened last week, but in my defence I was in one of those moods where I was nervous for no reason! I had to turn to Parks & Rec so that I could relax & actually be productive.


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