While going through all my posts, I noticed I had a draft with no title. I clicked edit in it and saw all my pictures from Rome and realized I never posted it, so it’s a little late but better than not at all! Rome was amazing! I definitely loved Venice more just because it wasn’t as loud and full of tourists. Classes were all done with when we got to Rome so we basically had the weekend to do whatever we wanted!
The first day there we went around with the teachers so we could get a feel of the town without getting completely lost, since there was no way to contact anyone. The weather was great.

This was one of the first things we saw after getting off the subway. I still really miss all of the beautiful buildings. They aren’t the same as the ones in the US.

These are the Spanish Steps. The second day we came back to this stop there was a military band playing.

Then we saw the Fountain of the Old Boat and it’s supposed to be good luck if you drink the water from the fountain. We saw a married couple drinking from it!

Then of corse we had to go to the Trevi Fountain. I know what you’re thinking… Lizzie McGuire Movie! I know that’s one of the reasons I knew about it. I tossed 2 coins into it so hopefully I’ll be back someday!

Our second day, we decided to sleep in a little and then head over to the Colosseum, I’m pretty sure half of the pictures I took in Rome was of the Colosseum! We hung out there for an hour and then went back to our hotel to rest and get some food.

Then we decided to go back to the Colosseum at night with the group and one of the teachers. It looked a lot different at night but my camera didn’t take very many good picture because it was so dark.

After the Colosseum, of course we had to go see the Trevi Fountain at night too.

For some reason, I don’t have any pictures of the last day, probably just because I wanted to enjoy my last day in Italy! The only bad thing about Rome was I knew I wasn’t going to see anyone on the trip for a while (in fact, I’ve barely talked to any of them) but there was a girl that kind of annoyed everyone and we got stuck with her so everyone avoided us. I just wanted to have a fun dinner with everyone I’d spent everyday with for the last month but they could only think about how they didn’t want to hang out with one person. 
I would definitely go back to Italy tomorrow if I could. If you get the chance to study abroad you should definitely just go for it! If you are worried about money, there are a whole bunch of scholarships and fundraising opportunities that can help you make that happen! I’d definitely love to do a post on funding study abroad tips if any of you would be interested!

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