After traveling all night on Tuesday, by Wednesday I was exhausted and I still had a full day ahead of me. We took a bus and the driving was super scary! I though for sure he was going to hit something! First we had to check into our apartments, and ours wasn’t that amazing, especially after we started seeing everyone elses’ apartments. Ours was super white with random artwork. The favorite of all of them was the feathers on a stick. I really wanted to show you all a picture but I can’t find one! I thought for sure I had one! 
Then we had to go on a walking tour around Florence. I really don’t remember much of it because we didn’t have time to sleep and I didn’t sleep at all on the plane! The only thing I remember was wandering around trying to find the Duomo (where we were meeting) and then all of the sudden BAM!  there it was! It was where we met almost everyday for class and I never got over how pretty it was! The rest was all a blur until we went to the restaurant, Trattoria Mamma (not sure if thats what it’s called for sure!), for our Welcome Dinner. It was pretty good but after all of the other amazing places we ate I wouldn’t recommend it.
This was the appetizer that we got! We didn’t get to pick, they had a mini menu made for us. The bread balls were really good!

Our second day was spent climbing up the Cupola of the Duomo. It was over 480 steps that we had to climb! The view was amazing once we go to the top though!
On Friday, we went to Palazzo Vecchio but I unfortunately either didn’t bring my camera or they were on my computer when it was stolen because I can’t find any pictures from it! I don’t really remember much from it either. The next day we basically had a free day because it was raining. Sunday we went on a little trip up to Palazzo Michelangelo with the teachers. It was another amazing view!
The first week was amazing and most of the time I forgot or didn’t believe that I was actually in Italy! Have any of you ever been to Italy? I hope you enjoy these posts and I’ll put up a favorite restaurants & places!

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