Do you love discovering new books? Do you love getting things in the mail? Do you love blogger swaps?

Of course you do!

I’m so excited to share a unique and fun opportunity with fellow book lovers like myself. Tiffany from Endless Bliss, Emily from Designs by Emily, Carly from Carly Blogs Here and Lauren from Sassy Sweetheart have paired up to bring you the Blogger Book Swap!

1// Follow your hosts TiffanyEmilyCarly and Lauren.

2// Sign up by filling out this form. The book swap is open to anyone, including non-bloggers and international bloggers. Sign-ups must be submitted by Sunday, May 25th.

3// Pairs will be announced on Tuesday, May 27th. Be looking for an email! After pairs are announced, you must contact your partner within 48 hours. If you are unable to contact your partner, please email Tiffany at by Friday, May 30th, and we’ll see about getting you paired with someone else.

4// Spend the next 2 1/2 weeks getting to know your partner! Talk about your favorite books, authors or anything book or non-book related. Take this opportunity to learn about what books your partner would be interested in receiving, and choose the perfect book for your partner! It will be your responsibility to obtain the address of your partner in order to mail the book you choose for him/her. 

5// You must mail your book by June 15th! Be sure to get a tracking number for your package so we will be able to confirm that your book was sent. 
6// If you’re a blogger, write a post about your book swap (or maybe do a book review!) and link-up on any of the hosts’ blogs on June 20th. The link-up will be open until the end of the month, so if you do want to read your book before you post about it, you’ll have plenty of time. 

7// If you post about the book or swap to your social media accounts, be sure to use the official hashtag #BlogBookSwap. This goes for both bloggers and non-bloggers.

8// For bloggers, don’t forget to grab the button below and place it at the end of your blog post!
Feel free to spread the word about this swap. Everyone is welcome to join in on the swap, including non-bloggers and international residents. The more sign-ups we get, the more fun all of us will have!


Disclaimer: We are hosting this swap because we are all book lovers and wanted a fun way to share books with other book lovers; however, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of your partner. We like to believe that everyone will be respectful and responsible enough to fulfill their end of the swap, but that is not always the case. If you do have any problems with your partner what-so-ever, please let us know, and we will try to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Happy reading!
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