Todays post are some of my favorite things this summer!
First, is 2 things, one is the key ring that my best friend gave to me as a going away present. She is moving to Arkansas, 15 hours away, and who knows when I’ll see her next. I’m really sad to see her go because she is one of the few friends that I hung out with on a normal basis. The rest are bums and wont do anything with me.
Next is the Psych key chain I won from a giveaway. I sent her the psych design that I threw together & asked if I could get a custom one. I got one for me and one for my sister. It is from Jourdan’s Handmade Jewels and if you want one like it just let me know and I can send you the image to have her make! 🙂
The next thing is the pencil case that I got a few weeks ago from Staples. My colored pencils were always either in a rubber band or some sort of box so I figured I might as well get something to put them in!
Theses shoe’s have been my favorite summer shoes for a long time! I’m sure I’ve blogged about them before. Unfortunately they aren’t available anymore or I would get another pair because they are falling apart! I even had my step dad glue them back together once.
My favorite perfume of all time! This is the one I got stolen while I was in Italy and my Aunt replaced it for my birthday!
My favorite books I’ve read so far this summer. Kiss Me, Kill Me by Lauren Henderson I lent to my best friend (the one thats moving) and completely forgot about. I read it in 2 days! It’s a mystery and a guy dies right after he kisses the main character. 
There’s No Place Like Home is the last book in the Secrets of my Hollywood Life. It’s about Kaitlin Burke who acts in a soap opera (made up) and follows her struggles being famous. I think it’s interesting reading about what it’s really like being a celebrity. 
My favorite bathing suit from Target. I’ve had it for a while now and I love the mix of fabrics.
My go-to beach bag! I got it for my high school graduation way back in 2009 and I still use it every time I head to the beach. 
My favorite dress. I’ve been wearing my dresses more often ever since I got back from Italy. I miss dressing up everyday!
My favorite towel because it’s long enough for when you are laying out in the sand without your legs hanging off. It came with my beach bag along with some sunscreen! I love the idea for a graduation present! I use it so much!
What are some of your favorite things?
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