Going through my Bloglovin’ feed, I found this awesome post and decided to fill it out! It’s basically like the surveys you sometimes find in magazines that all the celebrities used to do. They were always my favorite because you could get to know them more.
Make sure you check out Two Thirds Hazel’s post, who originally created this quiz!

If you are wondering why I went missing from the blogging world again, I’ve basically been lost and uninspired lately. I just don’t know what to blog about. If you want to help me out, you can fill out this form and give me your opinions on my blog! I’ll make sure I blog what has been going on in my life soon! Oddly enough I enjoyed blogging more when I used my planner, so I think I’m going to start organizing that a little more. Maybe I’ll even make a printable blog planner and share it with all of you! There’s less than month left on my current one!

Until next time, I hope you all have a great week. I’ve once again stayed up until midnight when I have to work in the morning. I really need to break this habit! 

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