I opened these sunglasses and right away started thinking what outfit could I do. I love turquoise so I immediately wanted to wear my turquoise dress from target. The note Kelly left said to decorate the glasses and think outside the box and I was stumped at first so instead I just kept putting my outfit together. It was nighttime by the time I opened it so I laid out my outfit to take pictures of the next day like an excited school girl on her first day of school.

The next morning I was putting my outfit on and I looked at my iPod. Both my phone and my iPod have the same fabric on them because I made both of them myself. I realized I had a lot of that fabric left so I taped it to the glasses with electrical tape. You couldn’t tell that it was electrical tape on the glasses when I had them on lol. It wasn’t until yesterday that I finally mod podged the fabric on!

Vanniee @ Girly & Pretty

April @ Dot Dot Dot
Kelly @ MessyDirtyHair
I sometimes wear my Peter Pan shirt with turquoise pants so I decided to put it over the dress. I also paired it with my favorite boots because I love how they look with dresses. Last put not least I put on my favorite bracelets.

From left to right: 
1:: I got this one for my birthday a couple years ago. 
2:: Bought in Italy, my best friend  has one like it but in a different color.
3-5:: All made by me! The first one took forever to make and I still have to figure out a clasp for it (It’s tied on with string lol) The second & third I made last summer when my cousins and sisters were obsessed with making bracelets. The key on the last one is the key to the lock that I put on the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Italy!

I’m really excited with how my outfit turned out! It was fun doing a fashion type post because I don’t do a lot of them. If I’m not going anywhere special that day I usually just throw things on and head out the door. It’s fun to put thought into an outfit!
Ps. Tomorrow I’ll be 22! I still don’t believe I’ll be that old!
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