For the longest time, I’ve been wanting a pair of super cute booties! Last week, I probably spent 2 hours going to all the websites I could think of that might have booties.

Here are some of my favorites::

 1:: Source                                                             2:: Source
3:: Source                                                             4:: Source
 5:: Source                                                             6:: Source
7:: Source                                                             8:: Source
How I Imagine the Perfect booties::
1:: Brown
2:: Flat or a smaller heel (I’ve never been able to look normal walking in high heels
3:: Some sort of cute detail – Buckles, studs, chain, etc.
I think my favorite out of these 8 is the last pair! They are super cute but I want to find a pair that are to my ankle. Which of these are your favorites? Is there any type of clothing you are still searching for the perfect one?
I think I’m going to keep looking for booties that I know I want to own as soon as I see them. I’ve been checking Rulala and Haute Look constantly to see if they have any super cute ones. Let me know if you like this type of post, I thought it might be a kinda fun post as I was searching!

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