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Today I’m participating in Yopait’s 100 Greek Taste-Off and I tasted Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry and Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry. I was super excited because I love strawberry yogurt, if it would have been Blueberry I might not have been able to handle it (I never liked them, but I love blueberry muffins, is that weird?)!

Here’s a little chart I put together with my thoughts for each of the Greek Yogurts! If the yogurt was better in that category I put their name and if it’s worse I put a sad face!

Overall, Yoplait was definitely the winner. I definitely couldn’t eat a lot in one sitting because it’s super sweet which is why Chobani won in the taste category. Although I didn’t like Chobani because it had an aftertaste, so I put a smiley face next to Yoplait because no aftertaste is a good thing. Of course I’m a graphic designer so I looked at the packaging too! Yoplait definitely has a better texture, it’s a lot smoother and creamier.
I also had my family weigh-in to see which they liked better. My step-dad liked the Chobani better and my mom went with the Yoplait. She also commented on the weird aftertaste the Chobani had. The funny thing was they both went for the Yoplait first probably because the color looks more appetizing. So 2/3 of us chose Yoplait over Chobani.
I love a few other flavors of Chobani this one just didn’t do it for me, even the regular Chobani Strawberry is a lot better. Maybe I’m not cut out for diet/low fat things! 😛 My favorite Chobani is the Vanilla mixed with some chocolate granola. I’m definitely going to have to get Yoplait and try the granola with their plain/vanilla greek. Both brands are amazing!
Make sure you get in on the national taste-test, and wight in on which Greek is better! 
Have you done the Taste-off? What was your winner?

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