Todays post is a little different, I usually try to seem positive on my blog and usually don’t share what I’m truly feeling. I mainly just don’t want everyone to know how lonely I actually am. I stumbled upon this post by Kym from Travel Babbles and decided to write a post that’s similar. 
1:: I literally have no social life. My BFF moved to Arkansas and my friends from college never talk to me (I’ve tried starting conversations with them). There’s no where to go to meet people in this tiny town. 

If any of you have any single male friends in Michigan, let me know!
Ps. I’m 50% kidding! 😛
2:: I’m worried I’ll never have a boyfriend or get married. Everyone is always telling me that I just have to be patient but I’ve been single my whole life.
3:: Ever since I got my computer stolen from my apartment in Italy, I’ve been saying I learned something from it but I really haven’t. 
4:: When I read blogs, I always wish I could be best friends with whoever wrote the post. Or I just wish I had their life because it seems a lot better than mine sometimes.
5:: I’ve had so many friends that just randomly stopped talking and I still try to figure out what happened. Even the study abroad group, I haven’t heard from any of them since we got back, I thought we all got pretty close.
6:: It seems like whenever something exciting is going to happen, I picture how it will go in my head but always end up disappointed. 
7:: Sometimes if I email or tweet someone I look up to and they don’t respond, I wonder if theres a list telling them I’m a creep and to not respond. Very weird I know…
8:: Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one that reads my blog. (I sat here for 10 minutes trying to come up with another one because I didn’t want there to be only 7, odd number).
Is there anything you’ve been afraid to publish? Any tips on making new friends?

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