I recently started watching Lost so I have been thinking about what I would want if I was stuck on a deserted island. 
1. A Cute Boy – I would need someone to talk to if I’m going to be stuck on an island and I’m currently not in a relationship so it would be very nice to have a cute boy to keep me company!
2. My overnight toiletry bag – filled up with my face wash, shampoo, toothbrush, and all the other things I take on a trip. It might not be one thing but why would I bring the bag if nothing was in it?
3. My computer – Even if it wasn’t hooked up to the internet I could at least be able to listen to music, and work on designing things. I would also be able to write a bunch of blogs and when I got rescued my blog would be even more awesome! You’d probably see a bunch of tutorials using sand and sea shells but what’s wrong with that?
4. A solar-powered battery charger – I would need some way to charge my MacBook Pro!
5. Sunscreen – I don’t want to get burnt or get skin cancer! I think this one is an obvious choice!
6. Lotion – Being in the sun and the ocean all the time, I wouldn’t want to dry out! It has always bothered me to sleep with dry hands and feet…weird I know.
7. Chapstick – I can barely go without chapstick for 30 minutes and if I was on an island I think I would use it even more!
8. Cooking Utencils – Another Obvious choice!
9. A teepee – I’ve always thought TeePees were cool so why not live in one while I am stuck on an island!
10. A cot – I’ve never been able to sleep on the floor or ground so I would need something to sleep on!
11. Fire Starters – It could be matches or anything as long as I would be able to start a fire!
12. Fishing Line – Then I could have my cute boy make a fishing pole and other things so he can catch animals for me to eat!
13. Smore Supplies – If I am going to be around a campfire every night, I’ll need to be able to make smores!

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