I wish…
1. I can find a job and internship! One of my main goals lately is to find an internship for credits over the summer. I would love for it to be in New York!
2. I would have more motivation to exercise more often.
3. I was less shy. I’ve always had trouble being able to got up to someone and start a conversation with someone. If they start talking to me I am fine. I also struggle when I’m with more than one person I just sit and listen and I’m afraid to step in unless I’m asked.
4. To start making things to sell like jewelry and other things. I have a few ideas, I just need to get supplies and start making them.
5. To make friends that I can’t trust and tell everything to. I have a lot of close friends but none of them are ones I feel like I can tell everything to. 
6. To not make anymore friends that will abandon me as soon as they get a boyfriend. I have had so many of my friends stop talking to me and hanging out with me.
7. That the weather was as amazing as it is now year round.
8. That I could see my aunts, uncles, and cousins more often.
9. That my Uncle Roger was still alive. I miss him so much, he was the uncle that I was the closest to.
10. I could meet James Roday & Dule Hill from Psych! It would be a dream come true!
11. I could drink less pop! My weakness is Dr. Pepper! I’ve been trying to work on it but it’s a lot harder when I get stressed about school!
12. I knew more recipes to cook! I usually end up making a lot of the same things especially since I’m only making food for myself.
13. I could get a boyfriend. I’m 20 and I still haven’t had a boyfriend or gotten even close to having one. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me and I can usually try and think positive but some of the time it’s really hard. 
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