I want to start blogging everyday but yesterday I really wasn’t feeling good and forgot about it. So here is my Thursday 13 today! I’ll probably do another post after I do this one to count as Fridays. The theme for this week is Favorite ways to spend time. 
1. Listen To Music
2. Painting My Nails
3. Watch Tv (Especially Psych!!!)
4. Create Art
Made in my 2D Art Class
 Painting I made for my cousin
5. Come up with DIY projects
6. Reading (Although I haven’t had much time to read lately! I’m on spring break now so I finally started reading the Hunger Games)
7. Hang with my Friends and Family
8. Baking
9. Going up to our cabin!
Our View
10. Taking Pictures
11. Going to Concerts
 Matt Giraud (American Idol) & Me after one of his concerts!
12. Designing Things
13. Sitting on the Beach

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