I was skeptical about the show at first because I don’t like all the drama and yelling thats usually the main focus in most reality shows. For Tia & Tamera they do fight but they actually learn something from it or its something I can relate to (fighting with my sisters for example). It really hit me when Tamera was saying how Tia didn’t understand her because sometimes I feel like my sisters and my family doesn’t understand me most of the time. For me, my sister is always getting mad at me for no reason. I try to figure out how to talk to her but no matter what she still gets mad.

{Credit:: Matthias Clamer/Style Network}

I was surprised at how much I was cracking up during the whole episode! Their laughs are both contagious and they always had hilarious side comments. I was especially laughing in the beginning of the episode when they thought they were getting a facial but it was definitely not even close to what they thought it was. It’s called a v-steam if you want to look it up, or you could just watch episode where they explained it, super funny. Their humor reminded me a lot of their characters on the show, and their personalities were very similar too!

{Credit:: Matthias Clamer/Style Network}

In the the premiere episode, Tia was trying to balance being a mom and going out with we friends like she used to before she had Cree. At the same time Tamera, after recently having her baby, was feeling like de wanted to start working again. A lot of their problems are things that I am worried about like comparing their weight to everyone else.

Overall, I loved this episode of Tia & Tamera and I can’t wait for episode 2 and the rest of the season! Don’t forget they are also doing a Instagram sweepstakes and you could win a $2,000 shopping spree by sharing a picture of your best friend! Enter here!

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