1:: Buying your Books – DO NOT buy your books from your school bookstore! The books are soo much more expensive there than I you can find online. If it’s a book you know you’ll never want to look at again you can rent your book. My favorite place to rent my books for college is Chegg. If it’s a book in your major then you might want to consider buying it. You can buy books from Chegg but theres also Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a lot more. Just make sure you do some research to find the best price and you’ll save a lot of money!
2:: Figure out what you need to bring if you are living on campus. Right about now is when you should at least start thinking about what you need if you are living on campus. If you have roommates, you might want to talk to them about what they are bringing so you don’t have doubles. 
A lot of school have a list of things to bring and things you can’t bring into your dorm. Target has a great checklist where you can pick which items you want on the list and print it off. 
3:: Email or Facebook your roommate. I’ve always had bad luck with roommates, but I think it’s mostly my fault. I can be a very shy person so I think I might have made them think I didn’t want to talk to them. Just be friendly and try and get to know them as little before you more in. You can ask them if they know their major, where they are from, their hobbies, etc. I’ll be doing a more in-depth post on getting along with roommate in my next post.
4:: Start packing – I usually start packing my things a month before I move in. Go through your room and decide what you need and what you don’t need. I usually go through everything in my room, including my makeup and decide what I know I wont use. I have a pile in the corner of my room with stuff to take.
Here is everything I could think of to do when you start! If you have anything I missed, leave it in the comments. I’ll also be doing some dorm design tips on Friday. I hope you find these helpful!
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