Here are some things I think people should know when you get a new roommate you don’t know. I wish someone would have told me things like this before I started.
1:: Be Friendly
Being super shy I was afraid to talk to my new roommate my freshman year. She didn’t really seem like she was interested in becoming friends with me so I didn’t know how much I should talk to her. My junior year I went in blind again and those roommates didn’t talk to me at all. It was so weird/awkward to live there not talking to who I was living with. Now for my last year, I’m going in blind and I’ve made sure to be friendly to my new roommates on Facebook. The one I’m sharing a room with only lives 20 minutes away so we are going shopping this week. Make sure you ask them what their major is and just try to get to know them. 
2:: Give them some Space
Don’t bother them all the time or try to be around them 24/7. If you have a meal plan, ask them if they want to get lunch. If you are just cooking all year, try and plan at least one day a week where you make a meal and eat dinner together. Maybe even have a movie night. I know my school shows movies that are out of theaters but not on DVD yet and you can go for free once a week. Just try to find at least one thing you can do together so it’s not awkward to live with them. 
3:: Be Respectful
One thing that annoyed the crap out of me last year with my roommates was they would leave piles of dirty dishes, not take out the trash and not clean up after themselves. Half the time I would just hide in my room because the living room & kitchen area was so disgusting. I understand that they could be busy and can’t wash the dishes right after they eat them but they would sit there for 2 or more weeks. If I was busy I would at least try to wash my dishes the day after I used them. There were sometimes where it took me longer to do them like around exam week but I tried not to do it very often.
 I hope this helps and makes you feel more comfortable about moving in with a roommate! 🙂
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