Today I have been stressing trying to get all of my final projects done. One of my projects included turning my dorm bathroom into a darkroom so I could take more than 4 pictures before I develop. It wasn’t too hard all I had to do was put tape on the cracks of the door and push the rugs up so no light could get in. The rest of my night will be spent taking pictures of myself and spray painting & sanding my sculpture. I had a mini meltdown/freakout last night afraid I want going to get some of my projects done. I’m feeling better today. The biggest problem was I needed supplies for my different project and I don’t have a car. Luckily my dad was nice enough to drive here and take me to Hobby Lobby (my house is only a half-hour away from school so it isn’t too bad of a drive). I couldn’t find any of my friends that had the time to take me! :/ Sorry for another short blog! I promise I’ll have more interesting things planned after I’m done with school! Next week I’ll be having a few guest bloggers to blog for me so I don’t have a blog to worry about while I’m finishing my school projects. I can take one other person if you are interested let me know!

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