Emily Finta - Top 10 Newsletters

I’m super excited to be sharing my top 10 newsletters with you today, I’m obsessed with so many of them. The biggest requirement for newsletters is a ton of helpful content and resources. I need more than just a list of you blog posts every week because I use other sources to stay on top on posts.


Regina is probably the blogger that I think of as the blog expert. Her newsletters are always filled with so much information and the opt-in she offers, 75 Ways to Help your Brand Stand out, is jam-packed with so many useful tips. Plus a ton of workbooks

XO Sarah

Sarah is the go to for tips on growing your blog and business. She always makes sure to give actionable steps to getting them done so you aren’t just left with what to do and why you need to do it. She makes sure to give you the how too!

Maya Elious

If you like actionable steps like you’d get from Sarah, Maya is another place to look. You’ll also receive the occasional workbook to help make these things happen.

The Haute Notes

Rachel has an awesome library for every download she’s created for her past newsletters. She definitely has a ton of helpful content exclusively for her newsletter every week.

Jessica Says

I’ve been loving Jessica’s newsletter lately, she’s been super raw lately and it’s super refreshing to see from a blogger. She makes it seem like she’s your friend and wants to update you as well as sharing her best tips.

The Alisha Nicole

One thing Alisha has started doing recently is giving you a challenge for your blog every week. You also get access to her new FB community to connect with other awesome bloggers.

Jen Carrington

In Jen’s newsletter, she writes them more as her thoughts and how she runs her business. It almost seems like you asked her about the topic and she’s just emailing you back with her advice or just emailing about what it on her mind. Her content is still super helpful, but she somehow makes it feel more personal.

Erika Midkiff

Erika will help you with figuring out your content and making sure you are confident and clear on what you’ll be sharing. She also makes sure to encourage and support you.

The Nectar Collective

The best part about Melyssa’s newsletter, on top of the incredible resource library, is her private Facebook community. I talked a little more about the group in my favorite FB communities post! It’s an amazing group for anyone looking for help with their blog.

The Finance Bar

I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to finances for my blog (or in general), as soon as I found Marsha’s blog I knew I needed to sign up for the newsletter and read her posts. It’s hard to find blogs about how to manage your money and she definitely knows what she’s doing. PS. She also has her own app to figure out how much you should be spending based on your income.


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