These are some of the things that I’ve been loving and hoping I’ll receive for Christmas.
1:: Soap & Glory Hand Food – I have been wanting this for a long time! FleurDeForce and MissGlamorazzi talk about it all the time on their YouTube Channels. It’s only online in Sephora so I haven’t bought it yet.
2. Mustache Push Pins – This one is just a silly thing I’d like, no real reason except that their cute. They also have some plunger magnets! lol
3. iPhone – I have been wanting an iPhone for Forever but being a college student I couldn’t really afford it. I found this website that sells them and a lot of other thinks pretty cheap. 
4. J.Crew Like Clothing – I’ve been looking for different places with clothing like I see at J.Crew that I could wear to work. I’ve found a lot of things on, and (mostly from their new JCP brand).

 5. TOMS Petal Grosgrain Shoes – I’ve always wanted a peair of TOMS.

6. Blogging For Creatives – I really like blogging so it would be nice to know more about it.

7. Leopard Print Moccasins – I’ve wanted moccasins for a long time and when I saw these I was soooo excited!

8. Cupcake/Cake Stuff – I love making cakes and cupcakes so any kind of gadgets like that would be awesome!

9.  Poodle USB Hub – Being a Graphic Design student I feel like this could be really useful!

10. Study Abroad to Italy – There are 3 weeks left to apply for the trip and since it is a faculty led trip they need a certain number of students to sign up in order to apply. So far we have 7 people (including me) and I think we need 5 more. I’ll be so depressed if it gets canceled! 

I decided I’m going to just do posts like this until I‘m done with school! That way I can spend more time working on the DIY post I have planned instead of trying to rush them and then they don’t turn out as awesome as I hoped that would.


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