Biggest Loser
Episode 1 & 2
Whenever I watch Biggest Loser I am almost always eating something! One thing that bothers me about the show is they say you need to be more active but then the show is 2 hours long! Anyway I really like how they are trying to deal with childhood obesity. They have 3 kids that can’t be eliminated and will work from home and in the ranch. 
One of my biggest pet peeves is when they show someone puking in movies and on tv (real or fake). If there is puking in a movie I automatically makes me like it less (*cough* Pitch Perfect *cough*). It doesn’t bother me if you hear the noise and it’s into a tolet or they don’t show it. Sorry, I could go on and on about this… lol. And yes, they did show people puking on this show.
During the weigh-in the only thing I was paying attention to was Allison Sweeny’s hair. I didn’t understand what was going on in her stylist and her heads. There is a weird twisty thing at the top on one side and then it was slicked back and the other side is kinda the same. I just think it looked so weird, I’m not the only one right? One person on the white team (Jillian’s team) quit and another was sent home (the one with the most inspiring story too).
I don’t have many notes for the second episode except, CAPLOCK OMG (said by a grown man none the less) and another player from the white team went home and they are down to 2 (others have 5).
The Bachelor
I always say I’m not going to watch this show but somehow I always end up getting sucked in. I didn’t watch Bachelorette with Sean/Shawn? so I don’t know much about him. Is it just me or do you think it’s kinda creepy that they have a guy that the girls know? I just feel like they know way too much about him and become obsessed with him before they meet. 
They almost always start the season off saying it is going to be the most dramatic season ever! There is also always someone that is “not there for the right reason” (do they cast someone to be this person?). I did learn a lesson from watching! Don’t do gymnastics when you are nervous.
So far my favorites are Catherine (left) mostly because she is a graphic designer like me and Taryn because she reminds me of myself. Mostly when she said she wouldn’t fight for a guy with someone else.
 Ps. I’m super glad the 50 shades of Grey girl went home! Super Crazy!
Peoples Choice Awards
Kaley Cuoco looks super pretty! All of the dresses so far I wish I could have in my closet… even if I never wore them in public. Or maybe I could wear them all the time for no reason!
Lea Michelle wins Best Comedic Actress…… out of all of the choices she is the least funny. I love Glee, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t get that. Same goes for Chris Colfer (I wish he was my bff), he is an amazing actor but he doesn’t really play a comedic character. I think Glee should be in that Drama Tv Show category. 
 And of course it can’t be an awards show without a surprised Taylor Swift! I did not like her dress.
I absolutely love Julianne Hough’s dress!
Emma Watson also looked super pretty but I do not like her dress! lol I 
wish I could find a picture of her.
I am super glad she won! I love her and the Hunger Games. I’m also glad that Nathan Fillion, Big Bang Theory, Emma Watson (Istill need to see Perks of Being a Wallflower),
I just think both of them are super hot so I thought I would finish the post off with a 
picture of them. Enjoy! Nothing too crazy or exciting really went on during the awards so I don’t have much to say about it. No amazing performances and only 3?
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