Emily Finta - TV Premieres

There are so many good shows premiering soon and I thought I’d share what I’m going to be watching. Or should I say, I’ll be hoarding most of them on the DVR until I find time to watch them. Also, why are there so many good shows on Thursdays? I’m going to have to keep up with some of them because I have to share the DVR with my sister and you can only record 2 at once! Decisions, decisions. Most of the shows are ones that have already aired, but there are a couple new ones. I’m so behind on so many tv shows and I’m trying not to get sucked into too many new ones. I will probably watch a couple more if they get good reviews.


Scream Queens – Tues @8 on FOX

I was a huge fan of Glee and I loved the first season of American Horror Story, so I’m hoping this show will be good. The 2-hour premiere was last night and I still need to watch it! I had so much to do after work and didn’t have time. There are so many popular actors & actresses and sometimes that can be a bad thing, but maybe some of them will just be killed right away.

Heroes Reborn – Thurs @8 on NBC

I loved Heroes and have been rewatching it in order to get ready for this. I hadn’t watched the full trailer until today, but it looks so good! There is also a six-episode prequel series that’s only available online if you want to watch it before the premiere. I love that they used the music from Heroes in the trailer.

Scandal – Thurs @9 on ABC

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about this show because so many people talk about it when it’s on. Don’t hate me but I wasn’t a big fan of the last season, so I’m hoping this season is back to the Scandal I love.

How to Get Away with Murder – Thurs @10 on ABC

The first season was super addicting and I never knew what was going to happen next or who the killer was. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second season.

Bones – Thus (Starts Oct. 1st) @8 on FOX

Bones is so good although the last season has gone a little downhill after my favorite character left and I’m hoping they do another season long killer because those are my favorite seasons. I’m really hoping the series gets back up to where it used to be or I might stop watching.

Finding Carter – Tues (Starts Oct. 6) @10 on MTV

I started watching this show because it seemed so crazy to me that someone got kidnapped and thought it was their real mom, and thrown into a new family with a twin sister. The first season was really interesting as she had struggled with the fact that her “mom” kidnapped her. I got a little annoyed with Taylor in the first half of the second season and stopped watching for a while. I’ll need to watch the rest and see what happens next!

American Horror Story – Wed (Starts Oct. 7) @10 on FX

The first season was definitely my favorite and I’m super excited for Hotel! I’m also excited because Matt Bomer is in it and I’ve been missing White Collar. I’m sure Lady Gaga is going to be amazing too.

Haven – Thurs (Starts Oct. 8) @10 on SyFy

My second all-time favorite TV show, I’m so addicted and excited that it’s finally coming back! If you haven’t watched it yet, the first 5 seasons are on Netflix.



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