Lately, I rarely take the time to watch TV shows while they are showing the current season. I’d much rather watch the whole season on Netflix at the same time, especially if it’s prone to huge cliff hangers. I’m not patient at all. Here are some of the shows that have made the exception and I’ve been super excited to watch every week. 

1. Young & Hungry
I wasn’t sure about this show when I first saw the previews but I love it! It’s super funny and I absolutely love Gabby and all her clothes. 

2. Pretty Little Liars
I’ve been watching this show since it started and just when it was starting to get old they somehow got me hooked again. 
3. Big Brother
Sometimes I hate this show because there is way too much screaming but I’m loving this season. Although I missed last nights episode because it was on at 2:30am, I found out Donny went home. I’m super sad, he might not have played the best game but he’s super hilarious and sweet. I really hope he wins Ammeria’s MVP over Frankie!
4. Finding Carter
When I first saw the trailer it sounded super interesting, a girl was kidnapped when she was 3 and has this mom that raised her for years only to find it is was her kidnapper. It has all these twists that I never saw coming and I’m a sucker for mysteries!

5. So You Think You Can Dance
The first season I watched was with Twitch & Kherington and I rooted for them the whole season. I stopped watching until this season just because I watched too many TV shows and I was going to school. This season I randomly decided to watch it again and I’m addicted once again! I am rooting for Ricky, Valerie & Jessica. I haven’t watched this weeks episode which I believe is the finale yet so please no spoilers. I don’t want to search if it was or not because I don’t want to know until I can watch! Also I’m super glad that Twitch was on a few episodes!

What are some of your favorite shows that are on right now? Soon I’ll be sharing the new fall shows that I’ll be watching or at least giving a chance!
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