I’ve been planning on doing a Netflix series and I’m finally getting around to it! Basically, I went through the TV Dramas category and also my viewing history to see if any of my favorites were removed. If you look at the category though, you will notice a lot of Sci-Fi shows which I’ve left off the list because I wanted to do a whole post on just those (they’ve always been some of my favorite shows)!


Gilmore Girls – This show is in my top 10 all-time favorite TV shows! I absolutely love Rori and Lorelai, everything about the show is so good! I obviously had to rewatch when it was added to Netflix!

Hart of Dixie – This series just ended on the CW and I thought it was really good. The last season wasn’t the greatest, it was going to be canceled so Rachel Bilson got pregnant and they also seemed to get a new makeup artist that liked making them look orange. I was definitely Team Wade the whole series though, were you Team Wade or Team George if you watched?

A drawing I did of Finn 5 years ago!

Glee – I stopped watching Glee after Finn/Cory Monteith (the Quarterback episode) died but I absolutely loved Glee. I used to be known as EmilyTheGleek on all my social media for a while because I was so in love with it. I’m definitely going to watch the final season, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to catch up completely.

Scandal – This is definitely not the show to watch if you are trying to multitask! I would start an episode while I was working on getting something done and stopped working after 2 minute and had to give the show my full attention! It’s super addicting! (This one is still on TV & yes I’m still obsessed)

Bones – I love this show! My favorite character is definitely Sweets and it’s super sad that he’s not on it anymore! I started watching this one because of Angel/David Boreanaz. You may notice throughout this series that I tend to watch a lot of shows if they have an actor/actress from something else I love! (This one is still on TV & yes I’m still obsessed)

The LA Complex – This one only lasted one season and it was all about people that wanted to get into the entertainment business and the struggles of getting there. It had wantable actors, singers, and comedians.

One Tree Hill – I get so many feels whenever I hear I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw because of this show. I love so many of the characters on the show (besides Dan Scott and Carrie) and there are so many amazing musicians I found because of the show!

The Fall – This show is about a detective trying to find a serial killer. Jamie Dornan plays the serial killer and he seriously freaks me out so much because of how good he does at the role. I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy 50 Shades of Grey (not sure if I really would have wanted to anyways) without thinking of him as this character. I’m so glad that Netflix picked it up for another season after it got canceled and I hope they make another one!

Broadchurch – This is probably the best and most shocking crime show I’ve ever watched. I did not expect the killer to be who it was for a second! David Tennant and Olivia Coleman both did a great job at playing detectives!

Life Unexpected – I absolutely love Shiri Appleby and Britt Robertson because of this show! Britt’s character finds her parents after being in foster care wanting to get emancipated and ends up getting joint custody instead!

Bates Motel – This show is super creepy but very adicting. Not going to lie though, I watched Psycho after season 1 of this show. There are so many classic movies like that I haven’t watched yet. It shows Norman Bates life in high school and his very strange relationship with his mother. (This one is still on TV & yes I’m still obsessed but very behind)

The Killing – The first season was definitely my favorite and I wasn’t able to  get into the 2 and 3 seasons as much as the first. I loved that the case lasted a whole season instead of just one episode like most crime shows on TV.


White Collar – My main reasons for watching: Matt Bomer is very attractive (those blue eyes!!!) and USA Network has some really good shows (Psych, Suits, Royal Pains). The show is really clever like most of the USA Network shows. Neil Caffry is a criminal that starts helping out the FBI with their investigations, while still getting himself into trouble even with an ankle tracker on.


Parenthood – Started because I loved Lauren Graham as Lorelai in Gilmore Girls.

Royal Pains – Another really good USA Network show (obviously not as good as Psych, have I mentioned Psych enough yet? Don’t worry it’ll be mentioned again.) about a doctor that moved to the Hamptons to do house calls with his brother.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – I love that this one is set in the 20’s. It’s a very light/easy to watch  show all about Miss Fisher solving mysteries

Twin Peaks – Started watching because it’s James Roday’s (Shawn Spencer on Psych) favorite show and because they did a “remake” of the show on Psych called Dual Spires with some of the original characters. I got a little confused and stopped watching so I’ll probably have to start over someday.


Blacklist – My dad has been talking about how good the show is so I’ve been wanting to watch it. My dad doesn’t talk to me about tv shows much unless they are Big Brother or Survivor (he likes to tell me what happened in Survivor even though I have only watched a couple seasons a long time ago) so I know it must be good if he mentions it!

The West Wing – If you know me at all, I’m obsessed with Psych. The main reason this one is on my list to watch is because Dule Hill aka Gus is in it!

Top of the Lake – A lot of people have said if you like The Fall or The Killing you should watch this one, I’m not really sure what it’s about but I love mysteries so I’m sure it will be good!


Beautiful People – I watched this one while I was stuck relaxing after my wisdom teeth removal and I thought it was really good for a show revolved around teens.

Dawson’s Creak – I only got to watch a few episodes of this until it was removed. They didn’t even have the warning that it was getting removed or I wouldn’t have gotten hooked on it!  


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