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This is probably my favorite Netflix post so far because I love so many Sci-Fi tv shows and it’s also the last of the tv shows. There are a lot of other categories of tv shows there, but a lot of them are repeated. It’s not over yet though because next we will be going through my favorite movies on Netflix. Don’t forget to read my previous Netflix posts!

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CHARMED – I always saw this one on TV when I was younger and would occasionally watch random episodes. Once I got Netflix, I decided to watch them all in order. It’s interesting to see some of the outfits from 2005 and how differently they are now plus I love the storyline. Also, don’t hate be but I actually like Paige more than Prue. OVERALL RATING: 8/10
SECRET CIRCLE – This show only has one season and there is no actual ending because CW canceled it (they always seem to cancel the best shows), but it is totally worth watching. I decided to watch it after seeing Britt Robertson in Life Unexpected and was so glad I did. She’s one of my favorite actresses. It revolves around witches as they try to figure out how to use their newly discovered powers. OVERALL RATING: 6/10 (Because there was no ending)
HEROES – I really loved watching Heroes and I’m definitely going to have to rewatch it before Heroes Reborn, which I’m super excited about. Well, I took a short break and now I’m watching the first episode. OVERALL RATING: 9/10
SUPERNATURAL – My cousin always had the Supernatural seasons sitting on his shelf and then a few bloggers, Tiffany & Allison were always talking about it so I finally decided to watch. I’m currently on season 7 and maybe someday I’ll actually be caught up. I stopped watching it for a while because it got a little too weird for me and I just needed to step away for a while.  OVERALL RATING: 9/10
THE 100 – I wasn’t expecting much from this show at all and the first couple episodes all focused mainly on teenage drama. I kept watching though because Ingrid Nilsen kept mentioning how good it was. Once they got past all the drama, the show got really interesting and I could not stop watching until I was caught up. They only have the first season on Netflix, but hopefully the second season will be added soon so that you can catch up before season 3 premieres in the fall. OVERALL RATING: 8/10
HAVEN – This show is probably my second favorite TV show of all time. Once I finish Parks & Rec (which I just finished on Saturday), I think I might have to rewatch it before the newest season starts and bounce between this and Heroes Reborn. The show revolves around Haven where some people have troubles and an FBI agent who can’t remember her past goes around town with a local cop and they help people with their troubles because some affect the whole town. It’s also inspired by Steven King’s Colorado Kid, but they actually made it good unlike another TV based on a Steven King novel that got a little too weird (*cough* Under The Done *cough*).  OVERALL RATING: 10/10
GHOST WHISPERER – I was not expecting to like this show at all, but it was actually really good. It’s not in my top 10 but definitely worth watching if you like the other shows on the list. The first few seasons were definitely better than the last but overall it wasn’t too bad. OVERALL RATING: 7/10
LOST – I never actually finished Lost, I stopped watching it halfway through season 5 for a while because I got busy. When I tried watching from where I left off, I was completely LOST and super confused. One minute they were on the island and the next they weren’t then they somehow got back? So Lost. I will end up finishing it someday and I definitely loved the show, I just need to figure out a good place to start without starting it completely over. OVERALL RATING: 8/10
FIREFLY – I had watched the first 2 episodes at least 3 times before I finally watched the whole series (including the movie). It was one that my cousins wanted to watch with me. Over the summer, we finally watched it and it was so good. I already knew I was going to like it because I’ve loved all of the Joss Whedon shows (and movies) I’ve watched. OVERALL RATING: 8/10
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – This show was how I was introduced to Joss Whedon by my cousins. They were always quoting Buffy while we were up north with them and so when we had a crappy summer we watched the series and then when summer was over we’d go over to their house until we finished it. Buffy is the show that got me addicted to Sci-Fi & Fantasy shows. They portray real vampires unlike the sparkly ones in Twilight. (Ps. I always rooted for Spike over Angel!) OVERALL RATING: 9/10
ANGEL – I watched this one on my own during college after we finished Buffy. I definitely loved Buffy more, but this was still a pretty good series. My favorite characters were Doyle, Fred, & Lorne and I could not stand Connor at all (terrible storyline!). OVERALL RATING: 7/10
ROBIN HOOD – Yet another show that our cousins “made” us watch. We usually ended up picking a series to watch all summer and we’d watch it whenever the weather was bad or we were sick of the outdoors. I’m sure you can guess what the show is about, but I loved this portrayal. I would recommend not watching the last season, it wasn’t as good. OVERALL RATING: 7/10


HELIX – I added this one to my list after seeing it recommended on Becca Dorr and I watched a few episodes but most likely got distracted by another show. It was really interesting and I’m definitely going to watch it soon.
FRINGE – I always heard a lot of people talk about this show and I’ve watched 4 episodes so far and loved them, but I also got addicted to Parks & Rec and couldn’t stop binging that.
DOCTOR WHO – I’d have to live under a rock not to hear about this show, but I’ve never actually watched it. Someday I’ll find the time but there are so many shows I want to watch and rewatch right now!
WAREHOUSE 13 – I watched a couple episodes with my mom a while ago and she’s been watching it a lot without me and I haven’t had time to catch up.
DOLLHOUSE – Another one of Joss Whedon’s shows that I need to watch at some point.
ALPHAS – This show and the next 2 are ones that sounded super interesting, but I only watched one episode. All of them were really good so far, but I watched them at a point when I was being super indecisive with what TV show to watch next.
CONTINUUM – This show is about a time traveler that accidentally got transported back in time
CAPRICA – Just saw that I have less than a month to watch this until it gets removed, I probably won’t be able to finish it if I want to rewatch both Haven (although this one doesn’t premiere until winter) & Heroes, unfortunately.
ROSWELL – Shiri Appleby is awesome and I definitely want to watch this show when I get a chance.


THE 4400 – I loved what I watched of this show, but I was never able to finish it because it was removed! Hopefully, they’ll add is back someday so I can finish.

I might end up rewatching all f these shows again after writing this post. So many of my favorite shows are Sci-Fi! What are your favorite Sci-Fi shows (even if they aren’t on Netflix)? I would love to find more I can binge watch because I’m running out!

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