Here are a few of my favorite things I got for Christmas this year! A lot of these things I have been wanting forever. 
1:: Tripod – I really wanted a tripod of my own so I can start doing more outfit posts on the blog. I used to have to stack books and put the timer on! I also am getting a remote so I don’t need to use the timer anymore.
2:: Scarf – I just really love the print and all the bright colors
3:: Perks of Being a Wallflower – Emma Watson is one of my favorite actresses and I really enjoyed the movie.
4:: (500) Days of Summer – This movie was super cute and it was one of the things I bought with some of the money I got for Christmas, it ended up being only $5 amazon so I figured why not. 
5:: Toms Petal Grosgrain Shoes – I’ve been wanting a pair of Toms for a long time, when I was looking online a couple years ago this color just stood out to me for some reason and I still really like the color. I can’t wait to wear them in the Spring.
6:: Blog Inc. – Finally! My mom ordered me this book for my birthday a year ago and then the order got canceled for some reason and I just never bought it. My mom ordered it again this Christmas and it didn’t get canceled this time! I can’t wait to read it.
7:: Psych the Musical – Definitely the best present! I’ve been waiting for the episode ever since they talked about wanting to make a musical episode. It was definitely all I wanted and more! If you have never watched the show you’d probably enjoy it too!
I’m currently finishing up this post at midnight on Sunday! I was going to post a Thrift shop haul but unfortunately it snowed way too much so I wasn’t able to go. On the plus side, I have tomorrow off from work because of all the snow! I think we have about 15 inches and it’s still snowing. I might have to go take some snowy pictures tomorrow (today, once you read this) before it all falls of the trees. That was always my favorite part about the snow. You’ll most likely see some Instagram photos.

What was your favorite gift?

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