So I’ve already shared my resolutions for the year but this post is going to be all the things I’d like to do this year if I didn’t have any limits (money, dream job, etc.). This isn’t meant to be negative, I just started thinking about what I’d really like to accomplish that don’t really seem possible. Who knows some of them could actually happen! 

1:: Move to New York City – I’d love to get an apartment in the city and of course decorate it so it’s Pinterest worthy. I know I’ll definitely do this someday but I know how expensive it is for an apartment.
What will most likely happen – I’ll probably just end up staying close to home but get an apartment .To make it a little more awesome, I’ll just have to find one that allows puppies so I can finally get Gus. 😛 Plus it would be super nice to not live with my parents anymore. I’ll be able to actually go to the YouTube events I want to, here I come Playlist Live and Buffer Fest!

2:: Travel the World – I’d love to visit more places around the world and go back to Italy (I need my gelato, at least I stopped dreaming about it).
What will most likely happen – Visit New York and possibly a few other states (Arkansas so I can see my best friend) and of course Canada for Buffer Fest! If any of you live in New York or Michigan, I’d love to meet some blogger friends in real life.

A design I did for Touch of Belle

3:: Become a Go-To Designer in the Blogging Community
What will most likely happen – I’ll get a few clients and a few people will know who I am
4:: Have my Dream Job – My “Dream Job” is more like 3 different things, I’d really love to be a freelance graphic designer, bake & decorate pretty cakes, and work at a magazine (preferably in New York). 
What will most likely happen – Take some cake classes and possibly get a new job at the end of the year.

Even if I don’t accomplish any of these things, I just want to add 10 pages to my Adventure Book on top of the one page I have now. The things in the “most likely will happen” would still be amazing adventures and help me with my bucket list! Are there any things you’d like to do if there weren’t any limits?

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