For my second WhimseyBox, the skill for the month was needle felting. I wasn’t as excited about this project because what I was supposed to make was a little turnip. I decided instead to follow the other box pattern and make a bird. The wings look a little more like ears but I think it’s still cute. I’ll probably end up giving the little guy to my grandma because she loves birds and her birthday was last month!
The box came with some extra things: a super cute print of a llama wearing heart glasses, some washi tape, the achievement pin and a wooden stick (not really sure what it was supposed to be used for, maybe I missed something).

For the needle felting, you basic all just shaped the wool and just poked the needle in. I was surprised it actually worked, it seemed like it should have just fallen apart. I guess it somehow tangles the fibers to make it stay. 

Projected Time: 1 Hour
Actual Time: 1 Hour
Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Troubles: A broken needle – which was the one you were mainly supposed to use
             Stabbed myself with the needle – it was bound to happen when I get sharp tools
Rating: 7/10

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