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Lately, I haven’t been very present on my blog and I’ve just been feeling a little off and ready for a change. I’m not depressed at all but all I want to do lately is watch Netflix and I’m not as motivated to blog as I usually am. There are so many bloggers that really inspire me and make me want to work towards all my dreams and goals. I’m not saying that my family and friends in real life don’t. They inspire me a lot, but it’s all the bloggers & entrepreneurs that inspire me business and blogging wise. Every one of you means so much to me even if you only read my blog occasionally or comment every once in a while. I wish we could all live in the same town and become best friends in real life. I decided that since I’m feeling uninspired, I wanted to look at all the people that have inspired me through blogging and why they are so inspiring to me.

Alex Beadon
Last year, I participated in the very first Feel Good Blogging with Alex Beadon and it helped me so much with my blog. I was feeling super lost with my blog and had never really invested in my blog at all. One day she was offering a discount for the course and I just decided to take the leap & sign up. After the class was finished, I was super inspired and excited about blogging again. The 2015 class started last week and since I’ve been struggling once again I figured why not try it again! The struggle has nothing to do with the course, it’s more just personal things. Blogging is one of my favorite things to do and I knew it would just get me back to where I want to be. She knows a lot about business and I love how all her customers are so dedicated and supportive of her. She’s been on Periscope a lot lately and has used it to connect even more with her readers & customers. Alex inspires me to build a community through my blog.

Sarah Morgan
I decided to take Sarah’s Badass Babes eCourse because while Alex’s is more about feeling good blogging, Sarah’s focused on more technical things. It might seem like I’m taking a lot of classes, but those are the only 2 I’ve taken! Sarah’s blog club that is part of the class is always super helpful. Sarah is from Michigan and is also a designer, which is why she seems so relatable to me. She moved all the way to California and is running her blog full-time, which is exactly what I want to do some day. Not necessarily the moving to California, but moving to another state and pushing myself. Sarah inspires me to work towards being a badass because sometimes I’m way too passive.

Mariah Coz
I found Mariah through Sarah’s Badass Babes eCourse and she’s grown so much just from a year of having her Femtrepreneur blog. She’s another one that’s on Periscope a lot and she uses it to help you figure out your goals and make them possible. She makes in not about her at all and all about trying to help you and give you advice. Mariah inspires me because she showed me that hard work pays off.

Tiffany Khyla
There were so many times where I just needed someone to complain about my trouble with switching to WordPress and Tiffany just listened even when she didn’t know what I was talking about. Having someone that I can talk to that understands why my blog being down is such a huge deal is awesome. We were supposed to be Blogcation roommates and even though it never happened, I’m glad I found her blog. Tiffany inspires me just by being supportive and someone I can bounce ideas off of.

Asia Croson
I found Asia through Feel Good Blogging, and one of the first things I saw her post was a YouTube video. She was able to show so much personality and make a connection with a camera after not making videos for very long. She could even show her personality from writing a blog post and I would love to be able to do that in my posts. Asia inspires me to show more personality in my business.

Paige Poppe
When I first found Paige’s blog, I remembered thinking she was a really good artist. I started watching her Periscopes of her painting with watercolor and she made it look so fun & easy. She did a watercolor workshop in one of the scopes and inspired me (as well as so many others) to buy some watercolor supplies and give it a shot. As a designer, I sometimes forget that I can create off my laptop. Paige inspires me to be creative, step away from my computer and to try new things.

To Anyone, That’s Found Their Dream Job
There are so many bloggers that blog about doing exactly what they love to do and you inspired me by proving that it is possible to find your dream job. Even if you aren’t specifically named in this post, it doesn’t mean that you’ve never inspired me. If you’ve commented on my blog or made my laugh or smile from a post, you’ve inspired me. When I started my blog in 2012, I never would have guessed how much blogging would have helped me.

After writing half of this post, I got inspired to make a Trello board for the search of my dream job. There are so many bloggers that blog full-time and you can tell how happy they are with what they do for a living. I started off with adding deadlines and listing all the dream companies that I would love to work for. As I started searching for current openings and read all the descriptions of the positions I could apply for, my eyes started getting watery because I was able to actually picture myself taking that huge step. I’ve always been someone that have huge dreams but until a while ago I just expected opportunities to fall into my lap. Now I’ve realized that I need to work hard towards all my dreams and I’m beyond excited.

I hope this post isn’t too cheesy for you! Has a blogger ever inspired you?


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